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Rules & Requirements to Play

Required Vaccinations: All dogs entering our facility must have up-to-date vaccinations on
record. Owners must submit proof from their Veterinarian that their dog is current on the
following vaccinations:

  • Rabies (1 year or 3 year)


  • Distemper Combo

  • Bordetella

Parasite Prevention:  For daycare attendance, we require that all dogs entering the facility must be free of parasites, including fleas, ticks and intestinal parasites. Dogs must be on year-round heartworm and flea preventative prescribed by their Veterinarian as well as be current on annual fecal testing. 

Restrictions: All Paws Inn reserves the right to refuse enrollment to any dog at any time for any reason. Please be advised that our environment is not suited for every dog and safety is our #1 priority. If we feel a dog will create an unsafe environment for themselves or anyone else based on any behavior we encounter, they will not be able to participate in our program.

Dress Code: At All Paws Inn, collars and harnesses are removed once the dogs are safely behind the lobby gates. This is to ensure each dog's safety while they are playing with their friends. 

Nail Trimming: We encourage and appreciate owners keeping their dog's nails at a short, safe length so their friends are not getting an excessive amount of scratches while they are playing together.

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If you have already been in contact with us and have been approved for an evaluation/first day please visit our Gingr page to make an account for you and your pup!

Enroll your pup in our program!
*we will be in touch as soon as we are able to look over your pup's application*

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