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About us...

At All Paws Inn, we are passionate about allowing dogs to safely play in a supervised pack of dogs, while also maintaining structure in their day. Our dogs play in small and supervised playgroups; with breaks and naps spread throughout the day. Dogs give us unconditional love and loyalty; we strongly believe the least we can do is give them time to "just be a dog" and enjoy time playing with their friends. 


While we genuinely believe that play is an important factor in a dog's well-being; we also believe that dogs need structure, therefore we make sure to incorporate rest times throughout their day while they are in our care. We incorporate enrichment games throughout the day such as hide 'n seek, playing with bubbles, and scavenger hunts for treats/food (guests with allergies, special diets, etc. can participate with their own owner-provided treats.) 

At All Paws Inn, we pride ourselves on being able to cater to each dog's needs since we are a small daycare compared to most in the area. Since we have a smaller number of dogs, we are able to properly and slowly introduce younger puppies and timid dogs into our pack. We ensure that our guests are receiving plenty of interaction from the humans; we understand the importance of dogs receiving plenty of attention from a person in addition to being able to play with their canine friends.

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